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Dear #Google / Hey @Google

Please do not take my personal domain-based Gmail account away from me and my family. I created this domain-based account in order to create the most professional looking email address that I could in order to pursue gainful employment. It has also allowed me to add email accounts for my family members so that I could easily administer and fix issues, such as password resets for my aging parents, without having to bother your tech support. My family and I have been using our accounts basically as Gmail for personal use with a personal domain twist since 2013 and are deeply entrenched in the use of the services, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Duo, Voice, Keep, and the Play Store. 15 GB of storage per account is sufficient. Please don't blanket make using a domain name account a pay service as you have proposed. Please keep GSuite Legacy free for Families. Call it "GSuite Family Domain" or something. Charge actual businesses for your Business services, but please leave an avenue for people with their own personal domain names for family use without charge. I don't need to have access to your paid tech support services. I can "Google" the answer to any issue I may run across without invoking tech support. All I need is for this domain-based account to remain free AS IS with all the current bells and whistles of a regular free Gmail account. I do not have the option to write off the cost of a Business account as businesses do. Incomes are fixed and/or hard to come by these days. Please show some GOODWILL and allow personal-use domain accounts to remain as free as Gmail accounts.

Sincerely, Ryan Hoisington and Family

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